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We are a Technical Consultancy Firm for the Real Estate sector that cares for your needs. At Metier, we will assess your assets and portfolio transactions, giving you our full support as we guide you through the process of strategic planning, development and asset management, whilst keeping a special focus on sustainability and transformation.

Our team has an extensive knowledge of the market and its trends, as well as a deep understanding of the main drivers of any operation, and the ability to generate targeted and executive reports that highlight the strengths of each project, which will become useful decision tools for your business.

Metier is launched with the aim to become our client's shadow

About Us

Pedro Mora

Pedro Mora

Founder & CEO

Pedro is an architect with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He has held various positions of responsibility in international Real Estate Consulting Firms, such as JLL and C&W. Between 2012 and 2020, he was in charge of creating, developing and consolidating the Real Estate Technical Area of ​​PwC in Spain.

With this solid background in the Real State sector, Pedro decided to found Metier. He hand-picked a specialised team of professionals to bring a diverse approach to every project. Excellence is the driving force of everything we do, so you can trust that our detailed understanding of your sector needs will bring you the best results. With Metier, you will also benefit from the flexibility of a Company that is fully dedicated to your service.

Our team of experts will equip you with the most up-to-date and extensive market knowledge in the areas of Retail, Offices, Residential, Logistics and Hospitality. Our rich experience in projects of many shapes and sizes, from different sectors, will be a clear asset to your business. We will quickly and accurately identify the areas of value and main risks of your projects, whilst proactively achieving your objectives.


A few
directed by
Pedro Mora

Sustainability study of the MNN development for Castellana Norte planning aproval

As part of the General Plan Modification to develop the Nuevo Norte area of Madrid, the Castellana Norte District (DCN) requested PwC to prepare the prescriptive Sustainability Study to accompany the Plan. The document developed by the PwC technical team can be found as an appendix in the Plan approval.


Due Dillingence of an outstanding building in progress

An international investment fund wanted to buy a share in the mixed-use hotel complex Canalejas, which was being developed by Inmobiliaria Espacio. The PwC technical team developed an analysis of the project, planning, costs estimation, modifications, contracts and license processing needed to accomplish it, to present an adequacy report to the potential buyer on the status of the property's development and potential risks.


Strategic Analysis of the BTR residential developments for an investment fund

The Redevco international investment fund wanted to acquire, as part of its diversification strategy, a number of residential developments for renting. In order to do this, they identified two complexes developed by a national developer in Palma de Mallorca, and asked PwC to develop a technical analysis of the projects' regulation compliance, license processing strategy, planning, cost estimation, project completion, quality adaptation, and general adequacy of the development team to meet the fund's objectives.


Land portfolio analysis, valuation and development of optimisation strategy

Mapfre had a land portfolio historically acquired for housing development, and they needed to make an updated analysis of its potential value in order to develop an optimisation strategy through the sale of finalist land and the development of urban developable land. The PwC technical team conducted this analysis, developing a strategy in which we work with various developers to analyse the joint development opportunity.


Analysis and Development of a portfolio optimisation strategy

RTVE owns a portfolio of Real Estate assets that include offices, sets, housing, etc. As part of the Company's strategy, they requested PwC to develop an analysis of the adequacy of this portfolio to the business needs, identifying technical elements that would condition the strategy and defining, evaluating and scheduling an optimisation measures package that would reduce expenses and generate liquidity for the Company.


Laura Marcela

Senior Project Manager

Laura is an architect with more than 20 years of experience, specialised in Consulting and Project Management duties. She was part of the team led by Pedro at Cushman & Wakefield.

Laura has a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Piloto of Bogotá, and a Master degree from the European Institute of Design (IED) where she has been a lecturer for more than 9 years.

Her comprehensive analysis and creative problem-solving skills make her the ideal person to be in charge of our Real Estate development projects and manage any transactional operation.


Olga Álvarez Dorda

Head of Due Diligence and Project Monitoring

Olga is an experienced architect with more than 20 years in Due Diligence, and Project Monitoring services.

Throughout her career she has provided valuable advice on a wide list of transactions and development at the office, hospitality and retail sectors. Project Monitoring at Torre Caleido development has been one of her most recent and representative projects.

Olga has a degree in Architecture from the Madrid Architecture University (ETSAM), a MBA in Rehabilitation and Architectural Intervention from the CEU University and a degree from IE’s Advanced Program in Property Management of Real Estate Assets.

With a proven track record in the Real Estate Industry and used to work with international clients, Olga definitely will add high value to the transactional services at Metier.


Ana Boluda

Senior Project Manager

Ana is an architect with more 8 years of experience, specialized in Consulting and Project Monitoring. She has developed part of her career at the Middle East, where she got to participate on the development process of several large-scale entertainment assets.

Ana has a degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Madrid, and a Master degree on RE Development, and has been a member of WIRES since October 2022.

Her experience on urban and building development, as well as her comprehensive vision of the sector make her an invaluable piece of our team when analyzing assets for a transaction, as well as on development processes.


Ignacio González

Senior Project Manager

Ignacio is an engineer specialized at structural design and calculation. Over his more than 5 years’ experience he has participated in the design and construction of retail, hospitality and residential projects, getting a wide comprehension of the needs and requirements of a RE development.

He has also completed a Master at Project Management, getting the analytic and strategical view of the sector.

Ignacio provides Metier with the capacity of optimizing the structural part of any development, as well as a technical approach to project and construction based on the engineering process. Also, his personal values, aligned with those represented by the company, make him a natural leader of the RE process.


Paloma Ramos

Senior Project Manager

Paloma is an architect with more than 10 years’ experience in Project Development and Project Management. She counts with international experience and is an specialist in RE by the IEB in Madrid.

She started her professional career in London, working for Foster + Partners for 6 years. Retail, residential and hotel projects were part of the work she developed during those years, getting to be named directly by Sir Norman Foster as responsible of the Foster foundation project in Madrid.

Back to Spain, she works as Project Director at Paradores, working on the redevelopment and refurbishment of some of the most interesting assets of the Spanish heritage, and getting great experience at the Hotel sector and Heritage Restoration.

Paloma´s international experience, together with her studies on RE sector give her the sophistication, deep knowledge and quality focus required to be one of the main assets of Metier. Her personal values give her the human quality that differentiates Metier on a day to day work.


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