Consulting | Strategy

The current global situation is more complex than ever, and many Companies are looking for the right time to review strategies, optimise investments or raise capital to meet the challenges of the coming years.

In this context, we are capable of identifying opportunities by analysing Real Estate assets and how they are managed in Real Estate Companies and other industries, as well as helping find funding through transactional strategies or fund-raising for development.

Portfolio Optimisation
Investment Plans
Maintenance Plans
Development Strategy
Cadastral Value Review
Estimated Value / Replacement cost
Technical/ Economic Feasibility Studies
Sustainability Analysis
Consulting | Strategy


To add value to an asset, it is necessary to put it through a structured development phase that responds to your Company’s strategy and specific market conditions.

As a result of our experience and “know-how”, we can provide you with a diverse approach and integrated reporting by defining the context, objectives, development strategy all throughout your projects – giving you all the attention and dedication that you need.

Project Management
Strategy Development
Master Plan
Project Monitoring
Development / Management
Concept Design / Layout

Urban Planning

The process of developing the cities of the future is a complex one and requires multidisciplinary capacities and a global vision of the market.

Our positioning, together with our accumulated experience in the development of Master Plans and viability and sustainability reports in complex operations, makes Metier the right partner to guide our clients in the analysis and strategic definition, as well as in the execution of technical solutions adopted for land development.

Master Plan
Land Development
Feasibility Report / Sustainability Report
Urban Planning


It is increasingly important for Companies to have a defined sustainability strategy that is translated into concrete actions policies and active positioning with regards to the market and all stakeholders.

This allows Companies not only to qualify and differentiate Real Estate assets, but also to convey solid and proactive information and obtain specific funding that meets their sustainability objectives.

Certifications: Leed / Breeam / Well
GRESB Analysis
Accompaniment and Support to Obtain Funding / Green Grants
Energy Performance Analysis
Sustainability Strategy
Accessibility and AIS Certification
CSR Review


In today’s market, the need to obtain a focused analysis of Real Estate assets linked to a transaction (Real Estate or M&A of any sector) is more relevant than ever, and this must be done with a vision that goes beyond the technical details and prepares Companies for the strategic processes that follows a transaction.

Looking to the long term and aligning it with company objectives requires complete technical and urban competence, but also detailed knowledge of the most advanced sustainability strategies on the market and their main trends, and an ability to tackle complex operations in a comprehensive manner.

Our experience shows that we can make a real difference for our clients before, during and after a transactional operation.

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