GV18 Project

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Due Diligence

As part of the renovation works and change of activity the building located in Gran Vía 18 for the implementation of the first retail store in Spain and corporate offices of the new WoW brand, the entity financing the operation requested EY a technical analysis of the works conducted and the Urban Management guarantees carried out for this transformation. Metier analysed in record time the urban conditions and protection degrees of the property, the construction work status and the potential risks for the operation.

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Consulting | Strategy
  • ClientIBA Capital Partners
  • LocationCalle Gran Vía, 18. Madrid
  • UseOficinas
  • StakeholdersEY
  • Built-up area5.500 m2
  • Capital Investment60-80M€
“Having the opportunity to work in such a building, for an exciting transformation project like WOW, with teams like IBA and EY is amazing. Even more so is the fact that we accomplished this just 6 months after starting as a company. This is a real gift - result of the great work our team has achieved and the trust that our clients have put in us. We are so grateful...”